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This post contains information about the US Department of State Au Pair Exchange Visitor Program.  There are many ways to participate in this program as a host family.  I recommend partnering with an independent agency to streamline the process and have hosted Au Pairs through both AuPairCare and Cultural Care since starting the Au Pair Program in 2014.

My opinions about hosting an Au Pair or working with an agency are all my own. I have not been compensated by AuPairCare or Cultural Care to write this post.  In addition, the guidance, tools and materials included in this post around navigating the Au Pair process are my own intellectual property based on my own experiences.  AuPairCare and/or Cultural Care does not officially endorse me or these materials.

Dear SooN Parents of the Internet,

We’ve had an Au Pair since 2014. Throughout that time, I’ve reviewed hundreds of profiles, interviewed dozens of candidates and identified several amazing Au Pairs to match with our family for an incredible Au Pair year.

But it wasn’t always rainbows and unicorns. There was a ton of ambiguity, inefficiency and mistakes. All of which has led me to consolidate my knowledge and develop a SOMETHING out of NOTHING process for you to consider as you prepare to hire your Au Pair.  I call it: The Ultimate Au Pair Checklist.  It’s a five-part framework that I would have really appreciated back in 2014.

I look forward to your feedback in the comments section!



I'm convinced that parenting is simply navigating chaos efficiently. I rely on productivity hacks and a ton of humor. To learn more about how I've grown to thrive in this environment, START HERE

The Ultimate Au Pair Checklist

My framework for hiring an amazing Au Pair is simple:

STEP ONE: Identify Your Expectations
STEP TWO: Set Yourself Up For Success
STEP THREE: Recruit The Right Candidates
STEP FOUR: Interview And Hire An Amazing Au Pair
STEP FIVE: Prepare For Your Au Pair’s Arrival

You can download the complete 4-page checklist below.


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  1. Lisa

    I love this checklist. As someone that initially hired the wrong au pair (she quit after three weeks because she wanted to look after teenagers and not a baby), I could have really used this. I think I would add to not compromise on your expectations and help the au pair to stick to her priorities as well. I think we both hoped things would be okay and they really weren’t. Thanks for the blog and the concrete advice!

    • Elisha Herzog

      Lisa, Thank you for the feedback and I am sorry to hear you had a difficult time with your first Au Pair. We too have experienced a rematch, and like you, also wanted it to work out very badly while we were working through it. We did learn that it simply was not the right fit. Hosting an Au Pair is similar to parenting in the sense that you have to test and learn — then go with what works best for you and your family. I don’t look at our broken match as a failure but instead as a valuable learning opportunity that helps me get much closer to what I do want each time I search for Au Pairs. Good luck with your search!

      I hope you have found a good fit for you and for your family!


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