Dear Internet,

I’ve been a member of this society [meaning a HUMAN using the internet] since my parents started their subscription to AOL in 1994. I have observed a lot of activity over the years and have discovered that the internet is mainly two things:

 a)  an incredible space to explore one’s curiosity and passions

 b) a toxic and negative environment where the trolls and haters of the world converge to attack the community of people who fall into the first category

As a result of this assessment, I determined it was necessary for me to outline some guidelines to follow as I embark on my own  journey through the internet. These are simply guardrails for me to ensure I don’t lose sight of who I am and what I stand for as I travel through this experience online. I simply don’t know who will find me here or what they will say about me following their arrival. My hope is that everyone who visits my little corner of the World Wide Web will fall into the first category of internet users. However, and in case of emergency (i.e. a troll or hater) I’ve got these guiding principles to follow:

#1: Trust, integrity and humility are the characteristics of great humans

(note: I try to refrain from engaging with trolls or haters)

#2: Achievement = initiative + ownership

#3: Bring solutions: be a problem solver not a problem caller

#4: Always ask questions and never stop learning

#5: Know your audience: clear communication is paramount to success

#6: Feedback is the mechanism for continuous improvement

#7: Simplicity is peeling back the layers of complexity to locate the “easy” button

#8: Attitude reflects leadership; great leaders are authentic and transparent


I’m curious what you think. Or if you have guiding principles of your own. Feel free to share in the comments section!

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