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Have you ever wished that your super power was FREEZING TIME? It that mainly because you have a busy, busy world and can’t seem to get what you need to do…done?

Before I discovered the SooN LIVING Goal Setting Process, being able to freeze time was my dream. I had been using a “To Do List” which kept me organized but also left me constantly feeling like I was doing EVERYTHING and NOTHING

Then I realized that my daily/weekly action items were random and disconnected. The time I spent working to complete each To Do item, left very little energy for the things that really drove impact. So I developed this simple three-part framework to keep me sane.

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I’d love to share how my self-proclaimed super power of bringing process to chaos has influenced it. You can learn about the SooN LIVING origin story on START HERE

Step #1: Isolate the Top Priorities


Each week I pick one thing that absolutely matters, MY ONE THING, and put everything else aside. After determining MY ONE THING [aka MOT], I map out how to complete it using the SMART method. This means building it out as a Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant and Time-bound goal.

Following this process, I make completing MOT my top priority. This simple and streamlined approach keeps me focused on what is important and eliminates that feeling of nothing impactful getting accomplished.


Step #2: Put Non-Impactful Items on THE BACKLOG


I discovered that having only one thing — MY ONE THING — to focus on left me incredibly motivated when I marked a task complete. Often, it left me charged to do more — which led to some incredible periods of productivity. But it also led me to realize that all of MY ONE THINGS were small or disconnected.

I wanted to fix that so that I could make a larger impact.

So I brainstormed all of the REALLY BIG THINGS that I wanted to accomplish in the coming year. I then picked one — MY ONE BIG THING FOR 2019 and put everything else on what I now call THE BACKLOG. I next broke down MY ONE BIG THING FOR 2019 into smaller MOTs with deadlines by quarter, month, and week and put each of those items on THE BACKLOG. This helped me ensure that each time I drilled down, the new and smaller goals I was adding to THE BACKLOG were connected to MY ONE BIG THING FOR 2019.

To make it simple for me to properly prioritize my weekly goals, I made myself commit to only working on one MOT at a time. If something comes up that is not the official MOT, I only work on it after I have validated it is more important than the MOT I was already working on. If it doesn’t pass that test, then I move it to THE BACKLOG.


Step #3: Identify an ACCOUNTABUDDY


It became clear that it is easy for me to disregard a missed goal because I was accountable only to myself. To fix that, I officially ask my email subscribers to serve as MY ACCOUNTABUDDY and I share MOTs in the SooN LIVING Newsletter.

But this is what works for me.

An accountabuddy does not have to be a group of people, it is simply the mechanism you develop for holding yourself accountable if you miss a goal.

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